Sometimes We Unintentionally Endorse Bad Companies, Like MacPadd

When we reviewed the MacPadd, the anodised aluminium mousepad designed to match a MacBook Pro, we were highly complimentary of the product. And while we still stand by the product, we have to disown the company selling it.

A very long, detailed account over at Tom's Hardware lists your stereotypical, horrifying buying experience. The money is sent; the package doesn't arrive; an email is sent; a bullshit email is sent back. The email cycle repeats with choice phrases from the company contact like "Get out of my f***ing life!" and "Make this world war III or handle this in a civil manner."

Of course, it's not just this one story, but the many since that have surfaced like it (tracked down by Tom's Hardware and in our own comments) that force us to pull our recommendation. Needless to say, companies often treat us more sweetly than they treat you, but those instances can be tough to predict. [Tom's Hardware]

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