Slaughtering Nazi Zombies Not As Insanely Fun On iPhone

Slaughtering Nazi Zombies Not As Insanely Fun On iPhone

For some reason, shanking a Nazi zombie and watching a mist blood spray across the screen, with five more waiting to gnaw my arm off in a dark, disgusting prison cell just isn’t as much fun on the iPhone.

Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies replicates the best part of Treyarch’s otherwise inferior Call of Duty game — Nazi Zombies — to the iPhone. It looks great. It sounds great. And parts of it, like the multiplayer over Wi-Fi, work great.

It doesn’t feel great though. The controls suck. We’re all used to the inherently mediocre virtual joystick, a pale translation of a three-dimensional control implement into a flat two-dimensional space, which here moves you backward and forward, and strafes left and right. Turning and looking up and down is both finicky and imprecise, accomplished by sliding your thumb in the direction you want to turn or look — a longer slide makes you turn faster and further. What’s tricky, and tensely uncomfortable, is trying to turn while moving with the virtual joystick. It winds up being jerky and spinny, like your soldier had one two many peppermint schnappes before fighting the undead.

Even with the computer helping your sorry arse aim — a little too much, actually — it just doesn’t work. Often, you’ll try to turn by swiping your thumb and accidentally tap the button to aim down your sites, or fire, sending your bullets past the zombie, who proceeds to om-nom-nom on your brains. Knifing is still awesome though.

But in the end, the lack of tight controls crushes the whole experience, which is otherwise a pitch-perfect translation, down to Activision planning to charge for add-on maps on top of the $13 you already paid for the game. [iTunes]