Shouldn't The NSW Government Spend Your Money On Something Useful?

Brad Howarth at ITNews reckons that the NSW government is seriously considering how they can implement the Microsoft Surface into their future plans after Minister for Commerce Jodi McKay visited Microsoft last week for a demo. God I hope not.

As much as I love the Surface, I sincerely hope the government doesn't buy one, and instead spends their money on doing something useful, like ensuring every peak hour train has eight f—king carriages. Honestly, how can they justify even contemplating the Surface when our public transport system is worse than some third-world countries.

Anyway, according to the article, the Government is looking for "innovative ways to store, share and analyse government information". Like claiming copyright on train timetable info and blocking third-party apps? No?

Sorry, I'm just a bit over Cityrail at the moment. But you should read the ITNews article anyway.


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