Roundup: The History Of TV

retro TVsOver the past month, we've been looking back at the History of TV. In case you missed any of it, here's a roundup of how we moved from John Logie Baird's mechanical creation to the latest flat-panel display.

Where it all started: TV Retrospective: Looking Back At The History Of The Telly John Logie Baird - what a champ: How John Logie Baird Changed The World From mechanical to electronic: When TV Moved From Mechanical To Electronic Aussie launch FTW: When TV Launched In Australia… Coloured in TV: The Introduction Of Colour TV Remote Controls changed our lives: How Did We Ever Cope Before The Remote Control? TV in your pocket: The MTV-1 Took The Television Portable Big screens started with rear-pro: When Rear Projection Made It BIG Plasma - big, thin and sexy: Plasma TV And The Start Of Something Big LCD continues the big screen trend: The Evolution Of LCD High Definition's arrival: The Arrival Of High Definition Pew pew: TVs Should Be Better With Lasers LED are just better LCDsLED Backlighting Is LCD’s Trump Card Hertz so good: 100Hz: Saving LCDs From Motion Judder Since 2006 The third dimension: Television In The Third Dimension The TV that never materialised: SED: The TV That Never Was (And Probably Never Will Be…) Oh, OLED: OLED: The Best TVs We’ve Ever Seen Get in online: Internet TV And Video On Demand: Changing The TV Landscape Forever Looking forward: The Future Of TV

History of TV is Giz AU’s month-long look back at the development of the world-changing medium and its influence on our daily lives.

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