Remainders — Things We Didn't Post (and Why)

Apple Stomps Over Nokia to Become Most Profitable Phone-Maker in US...Windows Mobile 7 Is on Track for an Early 2010 Release to OEMs...Bing Videos Aggregates Hulu, YouTube, ABC and More...Non-Apple Companies to Support Mini DisplayPort Soon...

Apple Stomps Over Nokia to Become Most Profitable Phone-Maker in US Despite being in the game for just over two years, gaining only a 2.5 per cent marketshare and selling only one main model at a time, Apple is now the most profitable maker of phones in the country, taking the lead spot from Nokia. Apple's operating profit was half a billion dollars more than Nokia's this summer, mostly due to a high profit margin on smartphones — Nokia barely competes in the States in the smartphone category. Nokia doesn't seem inclined to initiate the kind of aggressive push into the US that would be required to compete, so it looks like Apple will continue to sleep on giant beds of cash. It ends up in Remainders because this kind of thing is really only pressing news to Apple shareholders and the kind of weirdos that watch Sky News Business Channel. [Electronista]

Windows Mobile 7 Is on Track for an Early 2010 Release to OEMs ZDNet Taiwan reports that Microsoft is on track for an imminent release of Windows Mobile 7, the long-awaited overhaul of the soul-killing WinMo OS. It should be released to OEMs in the first quarter of 2010, which is in line for a spring 2010 general release. Hopefully it won't feel outdated so far in the future. This story landed in Remainders because, well, it's a rumour stating a project is on track for a release a long time in the future. Not the most exciting news ever. [ZDNet via WMPowerUser via Engadget]

Bing Videos Aggregates Hulu, YouTube, ABC and More This is actually really cool: Bing has begun aggregating videos into its search results, pulling video from sites like Hulu, YouTube and ABC (as well as Microsoft's own MSN Video) into one clean homepage. It allows for easy searching and organisation, plus a standard UI (which includes dimming and sharing features). The rollout started today and will continue to expand over the next few days, and can be accessed here. [Bing]

Non-Apple Companies to Support Mini DisplayPort Soon I hate Mini DisplayPort (mDP). I hate proprietary jacks, I hate having to buy overpriced adaptors and I hate capitalisation in the middle of words. But I have a MacBook Pro (more mid-word capitalisation!) and I have to deal with it, so I guess I'm glad that Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), has agreed to adopt mDP as a legitimate branch of DisplayPort. That, coupled with Apple's recent decision to grant no-fee licenses so companies can develop products for it, means Mini DisplayPort could start being more than an annoying Apple idea. Expect accessories using the new standard to start popping up fairly soon. [Ars Technica]

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