Remainders – Stuff We Didn’t Post (and Why)

Remainders – Stuff We Didn’t Post (and Why)

Canada Has Its Very Own Version of the AT&T vs. Verizon Ad Lawsuit…CollegeHumor Tackles Modern Warfare 2 (With Bonus Giz Appearance)…LG BL4 Gets Christmas Edition…VUDU Adds Wikipedia, Possibly the World’s Most Boring Update…

Canada Has Its Very Own Version of the AT&T vs. Verizon Ad Lawsuit Telus and Rogers are sworn enemies in the Canadian wireless carrier arena, sort of like AT&T and Verizon but on a much more quaint, socialist and cold scale. And like our own two big dogs, Telus and Rogers have been at each others’ throats recently about advertisements—Rogers has ads claiming it’s “Canada’s most reliable network” and that its speeds are twice as fast as any other network. Telus hit back, claiming it’s not true (Telus did after all just launch a 21Mbps HSPA network) and Canadian courts actually forced Rogers to pull the offending ads, an interesting twist on the lawsuit pattern we Americans pioneered. Anyway, I know we’re going to be crushed in the comments with high-larious anti-Canadian jabs, so let me pre-empt:

Igloo, cold, eh, hockey, The Arcade Fire, Bob and Dave MacKenzie, Pamela Anderson, who cares. [Boy Genius Report]

CollegeHumor Tackles Modern Warfare 2 (With Bonus Giz Appearance) CollegeHumor just posted a video in which comedy nerds play (and are subsequently killed during) Modern Warfare 2, with a bonus appearance by our own Adam Frucci. I can exclusively report that Adam Frucci is a very old man who is several years removed from college, but the video’s pretty funny despite this factual error. Discussed within: MW2’s similarity to Crash Bandicoot, Dick Cheney quotes, a tax-funded sequel to Psychonauts, and why the glamorization of war is awesome. [CollegeHumor]

LG BL4 Gets Christmas Edition You know, in America, Christmas editions are usually red and green, but in South Korea, it looks like they hang black tinsel on gold trees, because the LG BL40 Christmas edition is decked out in those colours. It’s a small upgrade from the original BL40, with an 8MP camera (up from 5MP, though who knows if it’s any better), a fancy case and entry into a contest with lots of prizes. It’s in Remainders because only those black-and-gold-loving South Koreans can get their hands on it so far. [Engadget]

VUDU Adds Wikipedia, Possibly the World’s Most Boring Update VUDU is a pretty nice media service, built into set-top boxes and TVs and offering nice 1080p streaming, and adds to its repertoire Wikipedia integration. It’s previously added Rotten Tomatoes, which is a little more obvious (and dare we say useful), and I personally might prefer IMDB rather than scrolling through prose paragraphs on my TV in Wikipedia, but it’s good that Vudu is constantly updating its product. If you have to ask why it’s in remainders, you probably haven’t read this far: Vudu, Wikipedia, snore. [Engadget]