Remainders — Stuff We Didn’t Post (And Why)

Remainders — Stuff We Didn’t Post (And Why)

Insane Graphics Card Packs 2GB Memory and Six (Yes, Six) DisplayPort Ports…Volcano Prevention Efforts May Result in Volcano Eruption…Makeshift Bike Rack Attaches to Street Signs…PC Built Inside a Classy-as-Hell Leather and Wood Chest…

Insane Graphics Card Packs 2GB Memory and Six (Yes, Six) DisplayPort Ports
Rumour has it that AMD is set to announce a new, and 100 per cent ridiculous flagship card: The Radeon HD 5870. The 5870, if the rumours are correct, will have 2GB of GDDR5 memory and a whopping six DisplayPort ports, not to mention dual DVI ports and an HDMI. Clock speed and GPU speed are relatively normal at 4800MHz and 850MHz, respectively. It’ll require two PCI-E slots, which is reasonable considering the spec excess. It ends up here in Remainders because the only source we’ve seen is a post on Softpedia, and while it’s certainly crazy, we’re not sure how big the market is for a six-port graphics card. [Softpedia via Tom’s Hardware via Crunchgear]

Volcano Prevention Efforts May Result in Volcano Eruption
Geologists working in Campi Flegrei, a caldera in Naples, Italy, are concerned about the volcano’s possibility of eruption, so understandably they’re doing a little drilling to figure out exactly what the risk is. Unfortunately, the seven 4km holes they have to drill could have exactly the opposite effect from preventing an eruption — there’s a distinct risk that the drilling itself could trigger an eruption, which could well wipe out the entirety of urban Naples. If they hit magma, the sudden rise in temperature would vaporise their drilling liquid, causing an explosion which could in turn trigger an eruption. It’s a sexy and dangerous headline, but it winds up in Remainders because, well, the risk doesn’t seem all that great: 4km wouldn’t even be halfway deep enough to reach any known reservoirs of magma, so it’s probably a moot point. [New Scientist via Pop Sci]

Makeshift Bike Rack Attaches to Street Signs
The CycleHook is a dual-looped piece of metal that locks securely onto pretty much any signpost, creating two sweet parking spots for bicyclists. It’s a pretty good idea — I’m a cyclist, and I can confirm that most cities don’t provide enough spots to lock up a bike. Sometimes rangers get snippy when you chain up to a signpost on the footpath. The problem with the CycleHook is that it’s not new. Montreal, for one, has had this exact design attached to parking meters for years, and I’m sure it’s not the only city to have the same thought. On the other hand, Montreal’s parking spots aren’t pretty pink. [Wired]

PC Built Inside a Classy-as-Hell Leather and Wood Chest
We love PC case hacks. Anything you can shove a PC into, please do it and send us pictures. There are several inviting spaces that haven’t yet been used — and this here is one of them. Rob Higardea crammed a PC into this beautiful, vintage wood and leather chest. Yeah, it’s got wires hanging out the back, but from the front? Pure class. I’d love one of my own, except that much class would probably stick out in my apartment more than a slab of anonymous grey plastic. [UnPluggd]