Remainders — Stuff We Didn't Post (And Why)

Google Cuts Price of Online Storage by 800%...Apple Updates Genius Bar Reservation System...Gold-Dipped PS3 Slim: The Hot Holiday Gift (in Donald Trump's House)...Sanyo's "Stick Booster" Looks and Sounds Far Dirtier Than It Is...

Google Cuts Price of Online Storage by 800% You know how sometimes the new version of a product will offer 50 per cent more for the same price? And how you think that's such a great deal? Well, Google just stomped all over your puny 50 per cent upgrade by bumping their online storage to a ridiculous extent. Now you get twice the amount of storage for a quarter of the old price. That's right, that's eight times more for the same amount of money. For those that are having trouble with maths, that means the storage now costs $US5 a year for 20GB of space, and you can buy up to 16TB at that rate. If you're looking to store stuff in the cloud, this is a pretty killer deal. [Google]

Apple Updates Genius Bar Reservation System Apple's Genius Bar is a pretty good system, although the first time I went they told me to arrive 15 minutes before my appointment, like the fact that their 6-week-old, $US1500 product spontaneously broke was somehow my fault and not something for which they should accommodate my schedule. They're tech-support guys, not doctors, right? ANYWAY, they've redesigned their online reservation system, and while I have screenshots of the new version, I never cared enough about the system to be able to notice what's different. It's in Remainders for pretty obvious reasons, I think. [Thanks, Grant!]

Gold-Dipped PS3 Slim: The Hot Holiday Gift (In Donald Trump's House) The dudes at Computer Choppers have dipped a PS3 Slim in 24kt gold (along with two controllers) and will be selling them for an undisclosed price in a limited run of five. To the only person reading this: Hey, Mr. Trump! More photos and price will be coming soon, so if you just toss me your email I'll be sure to let you know when you can finally get the current-gen gaming console to match your skyscraper. [Geeky Gadgets]

Sanyo's "Stick Booster" Looks and Sounds Far Dirtier Than It Is Sanyo's "Stick Booster" name sounds like the kind of product you hear about in spam emails, and it looks mostly like a vibrator. But it's actually a pretty nice-looking gadget charger, once you realise what it's for, taking two AA batteries (rechargeable, of course; it's in Sanyo's green initiative line) and offering a USB port to charge your phone, camera or whatever for about 90 minutes. It's available now for about $US35. It winds up here in Remainders because it's definitely not the first AA-USB charger we've seen, although it might be the prettiest. [CrunchGear]

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