Remainders — Stuff We Didn’t Post (And Why)

Remainders — Stuff We Didn’t Post (And Why)

Windows 7 Sales 234 per cent Higher Than Vista…Battery Juice No Longer Just an Expression, Still Not as Tasty as Orange Juice…Verizon Calls AT&T’s Ad Lawsuit “Junk”…Air Filter Uses Plants to Get Rid of Yer Weed Smoke

Windows 7 Sales 234% Higher Than Vista
NPD declared sales for Windows 7 were 234 per cent higher than the sales for Windows Vista in the same amount of time on the market, says Nick Wingfield at the WSJ’s Seattle desk. Oddly, Windows PC sales were down, 6 per cent lower than they were during the Vista launch weeks. The NPD analyst take: “I think it’s mixed. We would have liked to see a stronger jump on the hardware side.” The non-analyst take: People who had XP knew that switching to Vista would suck without a new machine; now, the opposite is true, with so many people keeping their old machines but trying any means necessary to rid them of Vista. Still, these are early days, and we already knew pre-orders were insane. I’m just curious to see if PC sales will pick up for the holidays. [WSJImage Source]

Battery Juice No Longer Just An Expression, Still Not As Tasty As Orange Juice
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Verizon Calls AT&T’s Ad Lawsuit “Junk”
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Air Filter Uses Plants to Get Rid of Yer Weed Smoke