R2-D2 Finally Discovered In Star Trek

At last, here's the droid we were all looking for: This is the frame in which you can clearly see R2-D2 in Star Trek. This time there's absolutely no doubt about it.

Not only the image is crystal clear, but it has been confirmed to me by one of the movie's sequence supervisors at ILM — the same guy who said this was just the shuttle.


    Is that a real screen shot? Kinda looks like my mum tried some photoshopping. "This is not the droid I am looking for" *Jedi mind tricks myself*

    It's starting to look like Robbie may be out of a job, now that R2D2 is getting all the cameos.

    Yep, its real.
    I just checked.
    R2D2 is at 47:39.
    Right after the Enterprise dives and tiles are scraped off the top of the ship. Next scene is a close up of Spok turning around. The next scene is from the inside of the Enterprise, looking out (as the screenshot above). R2D2 is coming towards the camera and goes off the left side.

    Thanks Warcroft

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