PS3 PlayTV Bundle: 250GB PS3 With PlayTV For $599

playtvAt this morning's PlayTV launch, Sony announced that they'll be bundling the DVR attachment with a new 250GB PS3 console, for $599. That's not bad value.

The bundle includes a 250GB PS3, which is apparently worth $599 in itself, with a PlayTV worth $170 thrown in for nothing.

So ultimately your choice comes down to this: If you were waiting to buy a PS3 because you wanted the PlayTV attachment, this is the way to go. If you already own a PS3 and want a PlayTV, you'll want to upgrade your PS3's HDD as soon as possible – even 120GB won't get you very far recording HD content. And if you already have a DVR, then you probably won't care about the $170 PlayTV device at all...

As far as the PlayTV itself goes - it's all stuff, we've known for a while. Twin HD tuners, Freeview compliant (so no ad-skipping, just 30x FF or rewind) and remote play support for your PSP.


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    thats tempting, I've wanted to get one of the quieter ps3s, with the bit streaming. now this is just another reason. I'll have to see if I can sell my fat 40 gig. (that does have a 250gig hdd in it anyway)

    So why the hell would Sony want the playTV Freeview certified if all it means reduced funtionality i.e. no ad skipping ?

    The main reason Australia was so delayed in getting PlayTV in the first place was getting Freeview certification.

    Does anyone know if the PlayTV uses a Freeview TVguide from the Internet or does it just grab stuff from the over the air TV guide for each channel ?

    Does the fact that PS3 only supports FAT32 mean that it can't handle files over 4GB?
    Pretty useless if you want to record say 6 hours of NFL football in HD.

      I think that an external drives must be <4gb, the internet drive is not FAT32

    o.k. i just bought it but haven't plugged it in:
    what's cool: noise balancing - ads shouldn't be louder than the show

    what's crap: no antenna out. you'll need to get a splitter unless your TV has antenna out.

    Does this use free to air TV cable or broadband? If broadband how much extra download will it need to run and is there any subscription fees? In other words why is it better than Tivo?

    It plays Blue ray DVD and play games. Tivo cant do that. I havnt got one yet. But looks to be on the cards.

    This is the iceing on the PS3 cake. Blue-Ray, awesome gaming and now a DVR. Take THAT Wii!

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