Police Robot Negotiator Ends Stand-Off With Armed Man

Sensorial telepresence is a fancy name for sending robots with sensors to remote places, generally to perform dangerous tasks. Last Saturday, one was used to negotiate with an armed 61-year-old man holding a hostage, barricaded into a home.

There are no details about what led to the stand-off. The whole thing started after the police of Avon, Colorado, received a call at 4pm, reporting that a man with a hostage was hiding in a barricaded house. After a few hours, and learning that the man had no hostages but fearing a potential shooting, the Jefferson County Bomb Squad sent a robot only armed with cameras, a microphone and speakers. A negotiator at the other side was able to convince the man to stand down, and get out of the house without a single bullet being fired.

You can insert a punchline here, but this time I'm just happy that a potential tragedy ended well thanks to a bit of technology. [Post Independent via The Register]

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