Passive-Aggressive Gifts For Geeks Who Are Late To Everything

Passive-Aggressive Gifts For Geeks Who Are Late To Everything

If I show up for something on time, it’s probably an accident. Some of us just weren’t born with internal clocks that sync up with the rest of the world—these gifts are for people who’re late for everything.

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock: Step one to showing up on time is getting up on time, and there’s simply no way to ignore the siren song Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock. The 113dB blast is almost as loud as a jet plane, and it shakes the entire bed, traumatically jolting even the utterly comatose to life. It’s also simply a horrible way to wake up. $US43. [Link] [imgclear]

Jolt Caffeinated Gum$US3-$US10Link

Vibram FiveFingers Sprint Shoes: When all else fails—like public transport in Sydney—sometimes you’ve just gotta sprint to where you’re going. Vibram’s FiveFingers shoes are the footies of choice for Google’s Sergey Brin, and the centre of a hippie natural running movement. Also, the hideousness should make you run even faster to wherever you’re going. $US80. [Link] [imgclear]

5 Second Stadium As passive-aggressive as it gets, Namco’s 5 Second Stadium is gift that says, “Can’t you learn how to tell time, assclown?” $US14. [Link] [imgclear]

Motorola Droid: Why a Droid? Two reasons: Using Google Navigation on Android 2.0, nobody can claim they got lost, and on Google Latitude, everybody knows exactly where you’re at. $US150-$US200. [Link] [imgclear]

Tokyoflash Watches

Casio G-Shock Watch: Casio’s G-Shock watches withstand serious abuse and drowning, so excuses like “Oh, I broke my watch” won’t exactly fly. And uh, neon green’s a real hard colour to ignore. $US110. [Link] [imgclear]

Hermione’s Time Turner: Our fantasy gift, we’re talking about the real thing, not the $US50 knock off on Amazon. Turn back time, and arrive everywhere right when you’re supposed to. Oh, who am I kidding? I’d still be late. Priceless (or $US50 on Amazon). [Link] [imgclear]

I was late turning this in, so surely, there’s something I missed—toss your own ideas in the comments.

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