Our Favourite Lifehacker Posts Of The Week

This week Lifehacker shows you how to create a list of files using DOS, rounds up the five best antivirus applications, has instructions on how to wire your house with Ethernet, and much more.

Bargain Hunters Need Some Common Sense OK, Dell made a mistake, but exploiting that won't do you any good.

Create A List Of Files In Windows A step-by-step guide using DOS commands.

Tape Warranties To Large Items For Easy Retrieval

Online Ticketing Scams On The Rise Find out what the Australian consumer watchdog is targeting this year.

Optus And Telstra Checking Premium SMS Ads

Polish Your Shoes With A Banana This is a winner of a headline if I ever saw one

The Gaia Desktop This is a winner of a desktop, too. Shown above.

Programmer 101: Teach Yourself How To Code

Five Best Antivirus Applications AVG is Lifehacker's favourite (mine too).

Stop Paying For Windows Security; Microsoft’s Security Tools Are Good Enough

Google Wave Look And Feel Coming To Gmail, Other Google Apps?

Paint.NET Releases Big Update, Still A Killer Photoshop Alternative

Wire Your House With Ethernet Cable

Power Up Your Windows Home Server Console With Add-Ins

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