Our Favourite Lifehacker Posts Of The Week

This week Lifehacker's got ways to avoid looking like a slob when eating chicken wings, pointers on really leaving no trace when browsing, info on how to find cheap booze in your suburb, and the lowdown on Delta's joint venture with V Australia.

eBay pulls car sales protection programHow to budget if you're moving overseasInternet shaping for beginnersCommunity TV gets digital TV spectrum allocationTrading Post will start accepting ad submissions via mobile phoneHunt down cheap booze in your area with BoozleDelta and V Australia get ACCC approval to join forces

Browser speed test results for Windows 7How to really browse without leaving a traceHow to eat a chicken wing with little to no messThe Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 is finally officially available for download and there's a great guide how it integrates into Windows 7The five best application docksHow to get along with your significant other in a compact home office (For a moment I thought this was also a lesson on a Mac and a PC cohabiting, but alas, both computers are Macs) • How to build a "beeping thing" and drive your coworkers nuttersHow to use Vicks VaporRub to cure toenail fungusMake system rebuilding tear-free by using Allmyapps to bulk-install your favourite applications (Windows/Linux only, but those feeling left out can learn about tear-free onion cutting instead)

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