Optus Are Blocking Paid Android Apps

Optus Are Blocking Paid Android Apps
 src=Now that Telstra’s trying to fix its public image, is Optus trying to fill the role of telco villain? Neerav Bhatt over at APC magazine reveals that Optus – no stranger to criticism over its handling of Android – is actually blocking people purchasing paid applications for Android phones on their network.

While this has always been the case for HTC Dream owners, it’s also an issue for anyone picking up the new HTC Hero or Tattoo unlocked who think that sticking an Optus SIM card will give them access to all the features of Android and the Android marketplace.

This is extremely poor form from Optus. APC reckon it’s likely that Optus are refusing access because they want a slice of the paid apps pie, which does make sense, although it doesn’t really explain the lethargy on the Telco’s part for rolling out firmware updates. The other option is that they want to put all their effort behind their own app store, which will reportedly sell Android apps.

In any case, if you do pick up an unlocked Android phone, best not to go with Optus. Well, not unless you’re happy trying to install custom Android firmware, which APC details in their story…

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