OpenOfficeMouse Is An 18-Button Freak, But I Want It

It's got 18 programmable buttons. E-I-G-H-T-E-E-N! Forget the 512k of flash memory, analogue Xbox 360-style joystick, basic scroll wheel and whatever else is in there. Yes, I'm a button lover. Yes, I just had an orgasm. And yes, I will waste $US75 on this.

Sure, it's not that attractive-looking and it's probably awkward as all hell to use, but the prospect of programming all those buttons has me giddy. The guy who designed it thinks it's great for World of Warcraft or OpenOffice tasks, but while I don't know what exactly I'll assign to those buttons, I know it won't be either of those things. Any suggestions? [Open Office MouseThanks, Joel!]

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