Only 3% Of Americans Think It Should Be Legal To Text And Drive

I didn't think 97 per cent of Americans were in agreement about anything, but apparently they are about texting while driving: They think it should be illegal. A mere 3 per cent don't care, or didn't answer cause they were busy texting.

And half think it should have the same penalty as drunk driving. Steeeep.

What's fascinating is that while 80 per cent think phones should be a no-no, they deem it kosher if you're going hands-free. Newsflash, morons, a bunch of studies show it's just as distracting if you're using a Bluetooth headset. It's the conversation that's distracting, not your hands being up near your head. Personally, I think we should also ban eating, drinking, using combs or makeup, overly talkative passengers, any kind of music, talk radio, GPS navigators, and small children from being in cars, period. Only then can we drive completely safely, since then we won't ever be distracted by anything ever again. [NYT]

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