No, Fight Club Has Not Turned Into A Horrible Romantic Comedy

No, <em>Fight Club</em> Has Not Turned Into A Horrible Romantic Comedy

If you picked up the new Fight Club Blu-ray edition, don’t panic when you see the menu screen. Edward Norton HAS NOT been replaced with a Drew Barrymore character that makes out with her alter ego to vent sexual frustration.

Let me explain: the menu screen for Never Been Kissed appears momentarily when the disc is loaded, then reverts to the standard Fight Club menu. It’s actually a brilliantly hilarious gag perpetrated by director David Fincher for the release. Not only are the two movies polar opposites of one another, but Never Been Kissed outgrossed Fight Club when both movies were released in 1999. To her credit, Drew has a good sense of humour about the whole thing. As a producer on the film, she gave the go-ahead for the prank. [AV Club via Yahoo Movies]