New Xbox 360 Warranty Stickers Better Guarantee Chastity?

New Xbox 360 Warranty Stickers Better Guarantee Chastity?

Apparently, Microsoft is slapping a new style of void-if-removed warranty stickers on Xbox 360s that are sent in for repair. Why? With no facts to back us up, we must call upon our favourite pastime: crazy-eyed speculation.

The new sticker, found under the faceplate (just like the old one), looks a bit bigger and features both a code and a mysterious black bar.

Maxconsole forum members already came up with some interesting/believable theories: Could this code be tracked to your serial number, in case you open the machine and want to seal it back up with a fraudulent sticker? Could this black bar be heat-sensitive tape that would change colour should you try the classic hot box trick to repair an RRoD? Could this sticker contain a tiny capsule of cyanide meant to crack under duress, eradicating the modding community one lonely guy at a time?

We don’t know. But what seems obvious is that Microsoft is taking their warranty stickers a bit more seriously.

For reference, here’s what the old sticker looked like: