My Girlfriend's Call To Dell: 90 Min, 10 Reps, Nothing Accomplished

Lisa said to me, "Maybe Dell will let me swap out my new battery for a smaller one? I'll just call and ask." I felt a spike of fear. Which was legitimised within two hours.

The call sounded painful from across the house. The first 10 minutes, it was clear she was talking to a robot. Then it was clear she was either talking to someone very stupid or someone very unfamiliar with English as she kept repeating, "No, I just want to know if I can swap out my 6-cell battery for a 3-cell battery." She must have said it 50 times over 90 minutes. Someone even admitted to trying to make a commission off of her by selling her a new battery. That battery would have cost half of the price of a brand new netbook. In the end, customer service didn't do anything to help her. It's been years since I've needed customer service, so maybe every PC company is this bad now, but I hope not.

If you have any horror/pleasantly surprising stories of your own, please let me know in the comments. [BoingBoing, image from preemo at deviant art]

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