Microsoft, You Can’t Win By Coming In Last Place

Microsoft, You Can’t Win By Coming In Last Place

I know Microsoft has only recently broken ground on Internet Explorer 9, but why would you ever release a graph in which you were the admitted worst at a task?

The graph above is a JavaScript performance comparison in which the same machine ran the SunSpider test (so shorter bars are better). Microsoft is comparing one, specific (but incredibly important) browser task to the competition’s numbers, and as you can see, boy has IE improved over the years!

But it’s still not enough.

I mean, kudos for the improvements, but you don’t win by coming in last place. The disclaimer, of course, is a sort of “this is where we are today… just wait until you see us tomorrow!” kind of mentality. But you could ethically slap a “today” on everyone else on that graph.

For the optimists out there, Microsoft talked about some other big improvements coming to IE9, including HTML 5 support and GPU acceleration. More about that here: [IEBlog via PCWorld via Engadget]