Microsoft Denies Programming Backdoors For NSA In Windows 7

Hey now! Just because the NSA helped Microsoft hone the security of Windows 7 doesn't mean Microsoft designed special backdoors for the organisation to spy on us... right?

In a response to Computerworld's article on NSA involvement in Windows 7 development, Microsoft stated: "Microsoft has not and will not put 'backdoors' into Windows."

Not to nitpick here, but doesn't this denial leave another "door" open? As in, couldn't the NSA have stuck their own backdoor into Windows 7 while official Microsoft employees turned a blind eye? Or — and this may come as really shocking — could Microsoft have simply lied to us in the interest of national security??

Of course, but if you freak out over this potential lack of digital autonomy, you're clearly a terrorist. [Computerworld via Digg]



    Sure, and they wouldn't put listening devices and tracking in everyone's ipod? Oh, but Apple is good and pure. I forgot.

    lol, that sounds like classic conspiracy theory.

    could it be done? easily?
    just as easily as it would be discovered by hackers and the shit would really hit the fan. not only because people would cane MS and the US gov, but because hackers could hack and use those back doors too.

    not to mention that the NSA could easily hack any computer they really wanted to, without backdoors.

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