Mavizen’s Electric Motorcycle Has Built-In Wi-Fi, Linux

Mavizen’s Electric Motorcycle Has Built-In Wi-Fi, Linux

Mavizen’s TTX02 electric motorcycle is being dubbed as “a laptop on wheels”. A really, really fast laptop on wheels.

Besides its impressive top speed of 210km/h, the interesting thing about the bike is that it features a dedicated IP address, on-board web server, WiFi and Linux.

Mavizen is calling the TTX02 a “laptop on wheels”, signaling their approach to electric motorcycles via a consumer electronics perspective. According to Azhar Hussain, TTXGP founder and entrepreneur, the consumer electronics perspective comes from the notion that “we are living in a click culture and connectivity is the key, across the board. Our approach was to find how we could make a laptop go racing. We think electric vehicles have more in common with consumer electronics than traditional automotive.”


Of course, the “consumer” part of all this doesn’t necessarily mean you or I will be checking our email flying down the road on this thing. The bike is going to be produced in a limited 50-unit run and aimed towards the racing scene — a development platform of sorts that can be used by professionals to customise the bike to fit their needs. Although I suppose it is not impossible for the average Joe to get their hands on one — if you are willing to pony up the $US41,300 asking price that is. [Asphalt and Rubber]