Maingear Shift's Spartan Case Belies High Performance PC Line

Maingear, the custom PC maker and purveyor of tramp-stamp laptops, has let loose a duo of simplistic-looking desktop towers this morning designed to "shed the bling" and focus instead on what's going down inside the case.

Both the the Shift: Intel P55 and the Shift: Intel X58 are powered by Intel Core i7 900 processors running Windows 7. ATI Radeo HD and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards are featured, and I'm sure the discerning gamer expects nothing less.

Storage options include up to six mechanical or 12 SSD drives. The two diverge on memory specs, with the P55 containing up to 8GB DDR3-1600 low latency RAM and the X58 up to 12GB DDR3-2000 or 24GB DDR3-1600. DVD or Blu-Ray drives are options for both rigs while a standard Asetek closed-loop liquid cooling system keeps things chilled.

Pricing begins at an optimistic $US2199 and $US2599, respectively, although with all the options listed above, that can (and probably will) climb much, much higher. Since Shift is the only PC that Maingear is going to focus on selling from now on, I hope it works it out for them.

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