LG Soundbar Offers 4.1 Audio Plus Blu-ray For $1499


Can anyone explain to me how 4.1 surround sound works from a soundbar? I can understand virtual 5.1 and Sharp's 3.1 well enough, but what about 4.1? Is that three front speakers and one rear? Stereo front and stereo back? Three back and one front? I'm confused!

Appropriating channels aside, I actually really like the look of this HL-B54S soundbar from LG. On top of its 4.1 surround sound, it incorporates a slot-loading Blu-ray player, Wi-Fi for BD-Live access and streaming clips from YouTube, and an iPod dock built-in. It plays back all the lossless audio codecs, connects to your TV via HDMI 1.3, supports DLNA for accessing your content on your network, and has USB slots that support playback of DiVX and MKV files.

The unit does look to be quite deep though, which might mean it'll stick out a bit far under your TV, but if you need the convenience of an all-in-one unit, don't have a Blu-ray player and can't wire up your house with proper 5.1 audio, I reckon this could be worth checking out. $1499 is even a pretty good price...


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