Lenovo A70z And A58e: Business Computers For The Office

Lenovo A70z And A58e: Business Computers For The Office

Sure, nobody gets excited about business computers, and these Lenovos (including the company’s first business all-in-one) are pretty snooooore. But one of them could be your next office computer, and it’s our duty to inform and educate you fine cubicle-folk.

Let’s look at the best-case scenario: The A70z all-in-one. It’s thoroughly unremarkable in specs, offering a 19-inch LCD (isn’t that kind of small these days? Not that the iMac‘s insane 27-inch model should be the benchmark, but still…), up to a Core 2 Duo processor, and up to 500GB storage in a decent-looking if not particularly noteworthy package (pictured above). It also boasts of a fast startup and shutdown time and is only 2.4 inches thick (the new iMac is about an inch thick, for reference, though of course it costs several times more). The A70z will start at $US500, which sounds pretty cheap, but the base model is likely to include a Celeron proc and a much lower-capacity HDD, for starters, so don’t get too excited. The Acer Z5610, for example, costs $US800 to start (not that far from an A70z with similar specs) in a much more slick package.

Winning second place (out of two) is the A58e tower. Clearly a $US350 business-oriented tower desktop that boasts of “up to 320GB of data storage, up to 2GB of memory and a DVD burner” isn’t exactly up our alley — but just as music critics must cover the latest Coldplay album, so must we bite the bullet and mention this snoozefest of a computer. Keep in mind that these prices aren’t actually that low: Dell’s base package Vostro desktop tower starts at only $US300, with similar specs.

It’s useless to brand computers like these objectively “good” or “bad”. The A58e and A70z don’t need to have catchy names, or up-to-the-minute specs, or eye-catching designs or even prices that are all that low. They will be bought, and they will be used. They will churn out Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoints and TPS reports, and they will suffice for those duties. They will provide no joy, unless you are a goofy salesman who sends adorable emails back and forth with your office’s frumpy-yet-cute receptionist, and even then it will take about four years before anything happens between you two, so maybe you should just get another job because this one is clearly sucking the life out of you. Yet, they will be bought.

These computers will also match your office’s Mr. Coffee. (Note: Speculation.)

At any rate, the 70z is available from the end of November, and the A58e is available now. [Lenovo]