LEAK: Project Natal Shipping 2010 With 14 Games For Under $US80?

That's a lot of information to swallow in the headline, but a leakster to MCV (a respected UK gaming publication) may have outed Project Natal launch plans early.

The information is apparently the result of behind-closed-doors meetings in the UK between Microsoft and third-party developers. Microsoft will be manufacturing five million Natals for a worldwide launch in November 2010 (some of those standalone, some of those in 360 bundles), and price is a major concern for the company. Those who left meetings were under the impression that Natal alone will run anywhere from $US50-$US80 with 14 games included — "impulse buy" territory.

I've always expected that Natal would launch inexpensively, closer to new Wii hardware and PS webcams than an actual new console. But $US50 would be a very tempting sweet spot, indeed. [MCV via Kotaku]

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