Kotaku Discovers Why We Don't Have An R18+ Rating For Games

You know what this Monday needs? More anger. More outrage. Fortunately, there's a nice long letter from Michael Atkinson over on Kotaku (or at least linked to from Kotaku) that spells out his position on the issue of an R18+ rating, which should provide plenty of ammunition for your resentment.

I'd suggest reading the full letter for maximum rage, but if you just need a little bit of a 3pm fury top up, read some of the excerpts. He seriously believes that movies deserve to be classified differently because "in cinemas, the age of movie-goers can be regulated" (what about DVDs? Do they not count as movies?) and "access to electronic games, once in the home, cannot be policed and therefore the games are easily accessible to children". Either can alcohol, and that's arguably a lot more dangerous, but we trust parents to keep that out of their childrens' hands...

Feel free to vent a bit below, but try and keep it civil. Last thing we want is to make him think his crusade against democracy is legitimate.


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