Kill-A-Watt Gets Graphical Version With Programmable Timer

The original Kill-a-Watt was a barebones, if efficient, way of monitoring how much energy an appliance used. But what if you want more features? Like a timer or programming. Here it is.

Kill-A-Watt’s latest version lets you see three stats at once: the current voltage, elapsed time and cumulative use (which has an unfortunate abbreviation). You also get the programmable functionality, letting you set up unique times for each day of the week and 96 on/off settings per day. It’s also a surge protector, which I’m not sure the old one had.

You’ll have to pay $US70 for this updated version, which still only supports one outlet at once, as opposed to the $US10-$20 that you can get the original for. [ThinkGeek]