Just How Much Electricity Does An Electric Car Use?

roadster-day-one-640x425So if you were impressed with Internode founder Simon Hackett's world record drive in his $160,000 Tesla Roadster last week as part of the Global Green Challenge, then you'll be even more blown away by the final figures from his 3000km roadtrip.

According to Internode, the entire 3000km journey cost just $126.11 using Greenpower electricity. And that's peak service – if they'd bought the power off peak it would have cost just $69.11. That's the equivalent of running at about 1.22 litres per 100km for petrol users.

Of course, I reckon it'll take quite a few 3000km roadtrips to justify the $160,000 price of the Roadster. But as a justification for the environmental benefits of electric vehicles, this is pretty persuasive.


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