Jawbone Prime Now Available In Australia

If you were to ask the US Gizmodo team what the best Bluetooth headset on the market is, they'd probably come back at you with the Jawbone Prime. The great news is that these funky headsets (as much as a Bluetooth headset can be funky, I guess) are now available in Australia.

They come in a range of colours with incredibly bad puns for names, like "Drop me a Lime" (green), "Lilac you mean it" (purple), "Yello!" (yellow) and "Frankly Scarlet" (pink). There's also black and silver. They'll set you back $159 each, but they work a treat - the demo they showed us today demonstrated the military-grade noise-cancellation tech by pretty much silencing a blender right next to the guy using the Prime.

[Force Technology]

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