iPhone App Interprets Babies' Tears, Doesn't Excuse Bad Parenting

The Cry Translator iPhone app is supposed to assist those with little parental instinct by translating the sobs and screams of their children and providing advice. How ever did we all make it to adulthood without apps like this?

The makers of the app claim that it is "accurate 96% of the time" in interpreting "the five baby cries universal to all babies, regardless of culture or language; hungry, sleepy, stressed, annoyed and bored." I don't have a baby nearby, nor did I manage to make anyone cry long enough to test the app, but I sincerely doubt the statistic. I really hope no one makes any serious child-raising decisions based on the $13 iPhone app (promo price until November 11). Then again, with some people it might actually improve their parenting. [Cry Translator via Wired]

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