Intel's 32nm Arrandale Core i5 And i7 Chips For Anorexic Notebooks

We know, the Core i7-i5-i3 stuff is confusing. Not to make it worse, but Digitimes outs some of Intel's notebooks plans for next year: a triplet of processors of Core i7 and i5 processors, codenamed Arrandale, for skinny laptops.

The key feature about Arrandale, versus current Core i5/i7 processors, is that it's manufactured using a 32nm process, meaning it'll be less power hungry. Remember the jump to the Penryn Core 2 chips a couple of years ago? Same speeds, better efficiency? Like that. The three coming out in the first half of 2010 are the Core i7-640UM (1.2GHz), Core i7-620UM (1.06GHz) and Core i5-520UM, all for "ultra thin" laptops.

We'll also see some 32nm chips for the desktop, codenamed Clarksdale, announced in January. Mmm, chips. [Digitimes]

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