If I Had $US35,000, I Would Get Bill Gates To Show Me His Home

That's how much it costs to visit Bill Gates' home with him as the cicerone: 35,000 American doubloons. Jefe Gates, if you are reading this, could I go visit your house gratis? I promise not to look for hidden Macs.

$US35,000 was the final bid in a charity auction that will take the winner and a small group of friends around the Gates' Lake Washington property, with the house pater familias as the exclusive tour guide. Last year, the winning bid was only $US8600.

If I had tons of money to spare, I'd probably bid next year. I'm curious to see his house. Can I play Natal with him? Who is his favourite painter? Can I browse through his record collection? And his personal, dearest bookshelf? Do his sofas have plastic covers? Can I open the fridge and make a sandwich? Oh well, since that is not going to happen, I'll just watch the 3D video like everyone else.


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