Hypercolour Pots. Why Not?

I know a pot that reveals new colours as it heats is about as gimmicky as products get, but somebody needs to knock Le Creuset off their aesthetically pleasing high horse. (Love your pots, btw, Le Creuset.)

Called "Coral", this concept pot is coated in thermochromic spots, highlighting sectors in the pale blue design with fiery orange and red as the pot heats. The thing is, I don't even need the Coral to change colour. I'd buy the colour bubble design as is (or at least, I'd consider the idea before questioning whether it would match my kitchen, future kitchen, various other pots I own, various other appliances I own, etc etc etc, along with whether or not I needed yet another thing taking up space in my kitchen cabinets — the answer of which would inevitably be "no" as I walked out of Target or whatever, unfulfilled as a consumer but maturer as a person).

Sorry, maybe that was TMI on my kitchen-related buying habits. Just being honest. [Yanko via Unplggd]

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