How To Disable The New Google Search

How To Disable The New Google Search

Oh you people are never happy. I give you a way to try the new Google Search yesterday, and now you are asking about how to go back to the old one. Fine! Be that way! Here’s how:

Yesterday’s method only set a cookie in your browser, asking Google to serve a different page layout to you. However, this will affect other Google pages in the wrong way. Googlepedia, for example, renders a very narrow search results page.

To go back, go to your browser preferences and look for the Cookies section—this is generally under Privacy or Security. Now you have three options.

• The brute way: Delete all the cookies.
• The less-brute way: Search for your Google cookies, and delete them all.
• The picky way: Search for your Google cookies and look for this


and delete it.

Once you are done, go back to Google Search and enjoy the old.

AU: In case you got yesterday’s guide to work, I guess… -NB

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