How Best Buy's 24-Hour Store Can Kick The Apple Store's Butt

So, Best Buy's new store in NYC is going to be open 24 hours during the week. Apple also has a 24-hour store in NYC, but this could be way better. I have some pitches for you, Best Buy.

1. Capsule Hotel Say you're in Union Square. It's 4am and you're drunk. Far too drunk to figure out how to get back home. Well, why not go and crash in the capsule hotel at Best Buy for $US15? And when you get up, you can make a quick video-game impulse purchase to help nurse your hangover with.

2. Pay by the hour video games Best Buy has tons of huge, beautiful TVs. They also have boatloads of video games and consoles. Why not use all that gear? If they set up Xboxes on those big TVs, they could charge people by the hour to play on them late at night. Say, from 11pm-6am. I'm sure they'd make a boatload of cash from semi-drunk people paying $US20 to kill each other in Call of Duty before going home after the bars.

3. Food Of course, you gotta have food late at night. Might I suggest a make-your-own sundae bar? Just make sure you've got enough serviettes on hand to keep all of your nice products from being covered in sticky fingerprints.

4. Skee-ball Everybody loves skee-ball!

5. Karaoke Again, this would be a great way to showcase your TVs as well as the big musical-instruments section that this new flagship Best Buy is going to have.

6. Hot Tubs Look, if you want to get people into your store late at night, you've gotta offer incentives. And there are few better incentives than a hot tub on a cold night. Combine this with #2 and I'd practically live there.

7. A Bar Why only settle for people shopping after they've been out drinking when you can sell them their drinks as well? Do you know what the profit margins are on booze sales? Enough to make you rethink being an electronics retailer, that's what.

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