Google's Notoriously Tough Interviews Also Apply To Marketing Jobs

Having known lots of computer-science people who interviewed at Google, we know exactly what kind of questions they're likely to ask potential applicants. Crazy ones. But we didn't know they would ask these questions for marketing positions too.

The first person account over at Business Insider is an interesting one, because it shows that everyone at Google is subject to some high standards. One sample question is, "How much money you think Google makes daily from Gmail ads?" To which she blurted out the answer, "$70,000" before quickly asking if they could ignore it while she figures out a better one.

Of course there are caveats to her story: She should have prepared more, she's kinda naive about the type of questions they're asking and maybe she's just not really right for the Google culture. Still, it's something worth checking out just for curiosity's sake. [Business Insider]

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