Gifts For Science Nerds Who Love To Tinker

Gifts For Science Nerds Who Love To Tinker

Meteorites, microscopes or mixing things to go boom. Your science nerd loves it all. Here are a couple of gift ideas for that space explorer, mad scientist or engineer in your life.

Lego: It’s not really a secret that Lego building blocks are widely loved. They’re perfect for any age, but a particularly fun gift for an engineering or physics nerd who lacks some brightly-coloured fun. Whether you go for a Millennium Falcon, a Mindstorms NXT robot set, or a smaller kit, just be sure your beloved recipient has time for construction. Prices vary widely. [Lego; Image Source] [imgclear]

BuckyBalls:$US30GizmodoBusted Tees

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Photo by jared[imgclear]

geeky shirtsThinkGeekThreadlessSnorg Teessome of the shirts we’ve mentioned in the pastingredient shirt$US19Snorg Tees

Chemistry Experiment Kit:put one together on your own$US230Scientifics

Casio EX-FC100: Science types want to document the entire world in pictures and video. Thanks to technological advancements, falling prices and MythBusters, high-speed slow-mo photography has carved out a nerdy niche in recent years. Casio’s EX-FC100 may not be an EX-F1, but it’s nice and small and has most of that slow mo covered, plus some nice nature-watcher tricks in still shooting, too. Despite the fact that still picture quality isn’t as high as a similarly sized Canon, the FC100’s set of unique talents make it a worthwhile toy for active observers of the physical world. $US226 [Review; Casio Exilim] [imgclear]

Giant Plush Microbes: If you’re in need of a stocking stuffer for a biology nerd, these plush microbes are a sure thing. They’re cute (just look at syphilis!) and add a bit of silliness to many all-too-serious subjects. $US12 [Think Geek] [imgclear]

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Photo by Argonne National Laboratory[imgclear]

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