Gifts For Retro-holics Who Yearn For The Old Days

Gifts For Retro-holics Who Yearn For The Old Days

Are you trying to find a gift for one of those crazies who’s always going on about the superiority of vinyl, or who dresses like a character on Mad Men? Here are some ideas for the retrophile in your life.

Leica M7: DSLR schmeeSLR. Digital photography still can’t match the old-school beauty of film, and Leica’s M7 35mm camera is one of the best and most gorgeous out there. It’s the kind of gift you’d hand down to your grandkids, partly because it’ll last forever and partly because it costs enough that you need several lifetimes to get your money’s worth. The M7 also has an even-more-decadent Hermes edition which clocks in at $US14,000, but the normal M7 is available now and would send any prosumer DSLR-owner into fits of jealousy. $US5500 [Gizmodo; Leica] [imgclear]

Retro-Gen:Modern Warfare 2Sonic the Hedgehog 2Streets of Rage 2Toejam and Earl 2: Panic on Funkotron$US38GizmodoVideo Game Central Store

French Press:totally justified$US20Bodum French Press

Set of 11 Kenny Loggins Albums on Vinyl:$US10

iPod Classic:$329 at the Australian Apple StoreGizmodoApple Store

Classic Prints From The Onion:$US33 each, framed and matted
Onion Store

Trip to the Computer History Museum:Cray 1 supercomputerworld’s first Ethernet cableTandy TRS-80Free admission, but arrange your own flights…GizmodoCHM Site

DON’T BUY A Modern Smartphone:$1.19iTunes

Don’t forget to recommend your own favourite retro-centric gifts in the comments.

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