Gifts For People Who Think They’re The Next Scorsese

Gifts For People Who Think They’re The Next Scorsese

Maybe you know someone in film school, or just some guy who really likes going to the movies and cutting YouTube mashups? Here’s what you can buy them — and also what you shouldn’t:

Flip Mino HD: We tested basically every pocket camcorder in existence, and this was one of the best. It shoots 720p HD and is easy enough for your grandma to use. If you’re buying a gift for someone looking to experiment on a budget or simply shoot vacation videos, this is a great little cam. $AU298 [Flip] [imgclear]

Clapboard:$US2 to $US30Prom WishesB&H

Vintage Hollywood Photographs from Life Magazine: Vintage posters are neat, but I’d contend that these Life prints feel a tad more heart-felt. From Kubrick working on 2001 to Marilyn Monroe doing her thing, there are many gems to be found in Life’s archives. About $US100 [2001 Series; More Life Photos] [imgclear]

Iron Man Arc Reactor:$US150
Museum Replicas

Sony UWP-V1 Wireless Lavalier Mic:$US485B&H

Kodak Five-Day Cinematography Workshop: Few of us will ever have the chance to shoot on real 35mm film. But Kodak’s boot camp will teach you the basics of 35mm cinematography and give you a chance to burn some 35mm stock while experts hold your hand. The tuition is by no means a non-factor, but come on, it’s pretty much the coolest fantasy camp without Michael Jordan or spaceships. The workshop is only offered in LA… $US2000 [Kodak] [imgclear]

DON’T BUY Back to the Future 2 Hat:Amazon

4K Red One Camera:From $US17,500Red

Don’t forget to recommend your own favourite gift ideas for movie buffs in the comments.

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