Gifts For Outdoorsy Geeks Not Averse To Sunshine Or Sweat

Your geek works in front of a computer all day, but yearns to be outside skiing or something. Here are some gift ideas for that type. (Also, this is a highly personal list, so please add ideas to the comments.)

GoPro Hero HD cam: HD video, mounts for helmets, chests, boards — even cars — make it pretty easy to share high-def versions of your adventures back home or on the internet. $US270 [Review; GoPro]

The cheapest MP3 player you can find: Everyone has a nice one. But if you're roughing it up outside, you want to bring a crappy one and you want it to be somewhat disposable. SanDisk has some on Amazon. I used to use an iPod shuffle 'til they removed the buttons. For sports involving gloves, things with big buttons are best. A good stocking-stuffer, but explain it as such so you don't look like a cheap arse. [Amazon]

Nike + iPod Sport Kit: If you like running, the Nike Plus informatics system will track and log and compare your mileage with that of your friends. (I hate running.) $48 at the Australian Apple store [Review; Nike + iPod Sport Kit]

Remember, though, that Nike doesn't map your routes. If you've got an iPhone, I recommend Motion X GPS Sport app for tracking all sorts of outdoor activity routes. $4 [iTunes Store]

Rugged Cameras: The W80 Pentax is pretty compact, takes OK photos and videos, and is shockproof to a few metres, cold-proof to -10C and waterproof to 4.8m. I like it for winter sports. $US300 [Review; Pentax]

The larger Lumix DMC-TS1 is only cold-proof to 0C on paper and waterproof to 3m, but it takes superb images and videos. $US400 [Review; Panasonic]

Don't forget to recommend your own favourite outdoor adventure gear in the comments.

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