Gifts For Geeks Who Enjoy Really Stupid Stuff

If you know a geek with a sense of humour and a taste for offbeat stuff, all but one of these products will make a great holiday gift. The last is one you definitely should avoid.

Darth Vader Toaster: Toast just tastes better on the Dark Side. And by "Dark Side" I mean the side that your toaster burned an image of Darth Vader on. What fan of Star Wars and toast wouldn't love this handy kitchen appliance? $US55 [Star Wars Shop via Gizmodo]

Bacon Watch: It's not a Rolex, but this watch does keep bacon time better than any other timepiece on the planet. (Hint: It's always bacon time). $US25 [Archie McPhee via Gizmodo]

Duck Hunt Live: If you know someone who is a fan of the classic NES game, this live-action version of Duck Hunt should prove entertaining in short bursts. Use the infrared gun to kill the flimsy mechanical duck as it flies erratically in the air. Check out our review to see it in action. $US30 [Review and Hammacher Schlemmer]

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag: It started out as an April Fool's joke, but some stupid ideas are so stupid that they become brilliant. Case in point — the Tauntaun sleeping bag. It is the must-have camping accessory this holiday season. $US100 [Think Geek via Gizmodo]

USB Humping Things: Over last few years humping USB drives have been all the rage, and the product line has evolved to include humping USB bunnies and action-crunching, giant wanged, USB Rocky characters. $US10 [Think Geek]

A Flying F—k: Some people hate everyone and everything — making gift-giving difficult. This actual working helicopter lets them know who really does give a Flying F—k. It's you. $US42 [Thumbs Up UK via Gizmodo]

Fake Gift Boxes: So the previous gifts in this gallery were stupid, but what if you only want your gifts to appear stupid? These fake gift boxes make it seem like you are getting a gravy fountain or a bacon tuxedo, only to find that something completely different is inside. The idea is that even if your real gift isn't great, it still looks awesome compared to what's on the box. Then again, a fountain of gravy might actually be a dream for someone out there, and you just let them down. I hope you're happy. $US6 [Archie McPhee; Other versions at ThinkGeek for $US15]

DON'T BUY a Snuggie: If there is one product you shouldn't get anyone this year, it's one of those damned Snuggies — especially if it has Street Fighter IV imagery all over it. It's a backwards bathrobe people, and according to our exhaustive laboratory testing, the quality sucks. Save your money: You can get a decent blanket for less than $US10 just about anywhere. $US20 [Gizmodo]

Don't forget to recommend your own hilariously stupid geek gift ideas in comments.

All Giz Wants is our annual round-up of favourite gift ideas, including amazing attainable objects and a few far-out fantasies. We'll be popping guides catered to different interests several times per day for the next week, so keep checking back.

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