Gifts For Geeks Who Enjoy Really Stupid Stuff

Gifts For Geeks Who Enjoy Really Stupid Stuff

If you know a geek with a sense of humour and a taste for offbeat stuff, all but one of these products will make a great holiday gift. The last is one you definitely should avoid.

Darth Vader Toaster: Toast just tastes better on the Dark Side. And by “Dark Side” I mean the side that your toaster burned an image of Darth Vader on. What fan of Star Wars and toast wouldn’t love this handy kitchen appliance? $US55 [Star Wars Shop via Gizmodo] [imgclear]

Bacon Watch:$US25Archie McPheeGizmodo

Duck Hunt Live:$US30ReviewHammacher Schlemmer

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag:$US100Think Geek

USB Humping Things:humping USB bunniesUSB Rocky characters$US10Think Geek

A Flying F—k:$US42
Thumbs Up UKGizmodo

Fake Gift Boxes: So the previous gifts in this gallery were stupid, but what if you only want your gifts to appear stupid? These fake gift boxes make it seem like you are getting a gravy fountain or a bacon tuxedo, only to find that something completely different is inside. The idea is that even if your real gift isn’t great, it still looks awesome compared to what’s on the box. Then again, a fountain of gravy might actually be a dream for someone out there, and you just let them down. I hope you’re happy. $US6 [Archie McPhee; Other versions at ThinkGeek for $US15] [imgclear]

DON’T BUY a Snuggie:Street Fighter IVthe quality sucks$US20Gizmodo

Don’t forget to recommend your own hilariously stupid geek gift ideas in comments.

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