Gifts For Bookworms Who Live For Lazy Weekend Reads

Gifts For Bookworms Who Live For Lazy Weekend Reads

Bookworms are creatures of comfort who crave for little more than a peaceful corner and a good read. Here are some gifts ideas for them. Feel free to contribute your own suggestions (or argue with mine).

Floating Bookshelves: If your book lover is prone to piling books up in stacks everywhere, then maybe it’s time to get him an appealing storage solution. An invisible bookshelf is an old favourite and can slip in with most decor. Besides, who doesn’t like some spooky floating books? $US14 [Amazon — or make it yourself via Cut Out + Keep]

Photo of DIY version by Cut Out And Keep[imgclear]

Bookology Trivia Boardgame: Let’s face it, even the most modest of bookworms enjoy showing off now and then. A simple way to indulge them while spending time together is a good ol’ fashioned trivia board game. Bookology Trivia just happens to be perfect for that, but heads up: It’s way more fun with a larger group. $US11 [Amazon] [imgclear]

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Don’t forget to recommend your own favourite gift ideas for bookworms in comments — include pricing if possible.

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