Gifts For Angry, Rant-Prone Apple Haters

Gifts For Angry, Rant-Prone Apple Haters

There are loads of Apple haters out there (even some among our commenters), and they deserve great tech gifts just as much as that guy who thinks all PMPs are called iPods. Here are some very un-Apple gift ideas.

Zune HD + ZunePass and HD Dock: If your Apple hater is in the market for a PMP, there’s no better option than the Zune HD — in terms of media capabilities, it kicks the iPod Touch’s standard-def arse with HD radio, 720p video output, a killer OLED screen and a gorgeous, media-centric UI. It’ll play any file your iPod can (that aren’t iTunes protected), and can also handle video up to 720p. (iPods can’t go there yet.) The ZunePass, which gives unlimited music downloads for $US15 a month, is a killer supplement, and the HD dock, which outputs high-def video to TVs, is a must-have add-on. Put them together and you will bestow your Apple hater with bragging rights over those poor, deprived iPod owners. $US290, $US70 (dock), $US15/month (ZunePass). [Gizmodo]

AU: The Zune is meant for North Americans only, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get one… -EH


HP TouchSmart 600:Planet Earth$US1110.Gizmodo

Whatever the Hot PC Game Is Right Now:Dragon Age: OriginsLeft 4 Dead 2RRP $109.95 each.

Logitech Performance MX Mouse:RRP $199.95.GizmodoLogitech

Asus Eee PC 1201N:$US330.

Tickets to a Girl Talk Show:Girl Talk$US15-$US25.GizmodoGirl

DON’T BUY HP Envy 13:starts$US1700.Gizmodo

Don’t forget to recommend your own favourite Apple-hating gifts in the comments.

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