Gavari's Attempt To Reinvent The Violin Will Be An Uphill Battle

Having actually held a Stradivarius once in my life, I can appreciate a musician's desire to possess and play these 300-year-old works of playable art. That said, the future looks pretty damn cool too. Question is, how will it sound?

I ask because with a Stradivarius, the age is the sound. Those 300-odd years aren't just a bullet point snooty musicians can bring up over cocktails—they add character and uniqueness to the instrument's sound as well. The wood ages, the sound changes, more often than not for the better.

This new Gavari Semiacoustic Violin design from Austrian designer Gerda Hopfgartner lacks all of that. No f-holes (sound holes), a decidedly electric look... I dunno. Like Picard and his books, I think in the far future I'll still be holding onto my archaic, wood violin. [Gavari via Yanko Design via DVICE]

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