Fusion-io IoXtreme SSD: Fastest Consumer SSD On The Market

HotHardware took a look at this consumer-focused PCI-Express SSD from Fusion-io, and found that while it's pretty damn expensive at $US900 for 80GB, it's blazingly fast, hitting 700MB/s read and 300MB/s write speeds.

Unfortunately, in addition to the expense, it can't be used as a bootable drive quite yet, although Fusion-io claims that feature is coming. And we probably shouldn't gloss over the expense — yeah, it's a "consumer drive" and it's cheap compared to similar drives, but it's still $US900 for 80GB. But it's a cool look at where storage could be headed, and if you've got enough money to snag one (available at Amazon), well, I hate you lots. [HotHardware via Engadget]

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