5 Of The Coolest New Pieces Of Gear In Modern Warfare 2

5 Of The Coolest New Pieces Of Gear In <em>Modern Warfare 2</em>

Have you played Modern Warfare 2 yet? With sales of over seven millions copies in one day, chances are you have. And man, is it great. Here are my five favourite new toys in the latest Call of Duty blockbuster.

Predator Missiles — You call these bad boys down from a UAV flying above. Pop open the laptop, aim towards the bad guys and let her fly.

Heartbeat Sensor — With this attached to your guy, you'll always be aware when someone is nearby, even if there's fog or a door in the way. Perfect for sneaking up on people that don't know you're there.

Turret — When you want to take down enemies without being there in person, the turret is a great way to get the job done. You can move it around and place it wherever you want, then let it take care of the rest.

Thermal Scope — If there's smoke in the air, this scope lets you see right through it, pinpointing warm human bodies against the cold background.

Motorboat — OK, so this one isn't a gun or a weapon, and you can only use it briefly in the one-player game, but man is it fun. Who knew that piloting a boat with one hand while firing a small machine gun with the other could be so satisfying?