Finally, Hospital Lighting Reminiscent Of A Cylon Base Ship

Granted, the green-tinged fluorescence of most hospital rooms is by no means comfortable, but Philips' solution, seen here, looks like an alien probe chamber — or so I've heard.

The company is testing the implementation of their lighting technology alongside their medical technology in Ambient Experience suites across the world.

And luckily, the other nine modes appear far more serene than the "Australia" theme in our lead shot. Patients, in fact, are allowed to choose their own colour palette, along with accompanying sounds and video that will surround them during procedures. In fact, this media environment can be so relaxing (or simply distracting) that it was said to reduce sedation needs by 28 per cent in one Chicago-based study.

Actually, on second thought, that pink freaks me out even more than the red. [Philips via CNET]

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